Tank Dempsey and Edward Richtofen from call of duty: zombies preserve strawberry jam together


"Being welcoming, like being kind,
is considered a radical act." - J.Fink


Edward Richtofen from call of duty: zombies cheers happily

I’m Griffin (he/it)Artist : Writer : Identity Spelunker : Aether Enthusiast : Origins!Richtofen-kin : 25 yrsActual Biologist and nueropsychology researcherNotoriously reclusive, but very friendly.I use Paint Tool Sai and a Huion Kamvas 13Click here for some testimonies I think about 24/7

Tank Dempsey from call of duty: zombies is in a cryo-chamber. There is a paper that reads 'please don't break the window.')

Don't interact if you’re Sexist, Ableist, Racist, LGBTphobic, (Aphobes, Truscum/Terfs included,) *Nazi/Apologist, Fujo. I respect neo-identities, neo-pronouns, and even neopets!


Using Paint Tool SAI and a Huion Kamvas 13, illustrations focus on natural themes, unconditional love, and character development. My muse is Call of Duty: Zombies and its characters! I use them as a vessel to convey myself.Comissions are Open!

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Call of Duty: Zombies is my muse and vessel for personal art, so you will see mostly soldiers in my illustrations.
Do not be misled- I am anti-war and anti-military.
I will also add: I am not drawing n@zi's.CoD:Z is a side-mode in every Treyarch-led Call of Duty, and it was never meant to be created. It was born of developers with spare time and for fun. It didn't even get a storyline until nearly a year after release.As it was never a part of the budget/plan for World at War (2009,) the mode in its entirety was built with reused assets from Campaign and Multiplayer.- “Tank” Dempsey used Pvt. Polonsky's model.
- Nikolai Belinski used Pvt. Chernov's model.
- Takeo Masaki used the default Japanese Officer's model.
- and Edward Richtofen used General Amsel's model.
Richtofen, as a result, wears a n@zi uniform. It was the only other German model, because the remaining Germans were being used as Zombies.His bio makes it clear he is not a n@zi. All canonical mentions/quotes suggesting he was a real n@zi were retconned. I still modify the uniform to maintain familiarity without being insensitive (left).

This story contains a multiverse. The Richtofen I draw more often (right) is also not a n@zi. His story originates in WW1, when Germany was a constitutional monarchy.

So, in conclusion:

Kill all nazis


A focus on natural themes, unconditional love, and character development. All works are LGBT+ positive, labelled with content warnings, and SFW.Click the image to read my largest completed project!

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